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The webpage pebwallet.com was born with a simple but at the same time extremely important idea in mind: to provide people who would like to sign up into a quality casino in Canada all the information that they need about it. But of course, this is not simply a lot of raw information thrown at the face of the visitor. Not in any single manner.

Instead, what is done at pebwallet.com is to carefully review a wide range of establishments from the Internet, and evaluate them with an objective set of criteria. This means that everything that is eventually read by the user, is unbiased and impartial information, without personal opinions or anything that could distort this assessment. The goal is that the reader can make his own conclusions, and determine by himself, based on the facts that we provide, whether that establishment will satisfy or not his needs.

Who are the people behind this website?

We are a team of people who have always been passionate about casino games. However, we weren’t born as experts, in fact, when we began in the casino world we had the very same questions that many people are asking themselves nowadays about this realm. During that time, we felt that there was no place where those questions for beginners could be answered. At the same time, there was no place where an objective and free of bias assessment was made about the available online casinos. For this reason, we grouped ourselves and decided to start what is today pebwallet.com.

Today pebwallet.com performs extremely detailed analyses in order to allow our visitors to decide by themselves which casino they can choose. We don’t “suggest” or “not suggest” a particular casino. Instead, we provide the facts as they are. They are treated as objective bits of information which are displayed later in a concise manner that can be as clear as possible to the user. The goal that we have in mind is simple: the reader must decide by himself by taking into account the facts that we provide, we don’t decide for him.

The way on how the information is displayed is as important as the information itself. When it is not shown in a clear manner, it is very easy to misinterpret or misunderstand the facts being shown. In those kinds of situations, the objectivity and neutrality of the information is compromised. It is no mystery that the people working here can have their own personal preferences, which is completely fine. However, everybody working at pebwallet.com has years of experience in writing reports, blogs, etc, so they all know how to leave their personal feelings and preferences aside when writing every single review that we offer here.

What is done exactly at this place?

The answer is simple and straightforward. We dedicate a lot of time and effort to evaluate and explore different online casinos. After that, we apply a series of carefully crafted criteria that help us to uncover the good and not so good points about this establishment. They include but are not limited to:

  • Selection of games
  • Bonuses and promotions
  • Customer support
  • Mobile platforms
  • Banking methods
  • Responsible gambling features

All the facts that come after making this careful process are later condensed and displayed in an orderly manner in our casino reviews. What was shown in the previous list corresponds to some of the aspects that are considered when performing an analysis of this kind. Each of them describe a specific part of the online portal, and correspond to the main subjects that every person who intends to find a new casino should pay attention to, as ultimately they are the ones that determine the overall quality of the service.

An important disclaimer to consider

None of the persons involved at pebwallet.com are employed by any online casino subjected to a review. At the same time, none of our writers has had any kind of rift between themselves and any of the establishments that are examined here.

Any member involved in a situation like this does not participate in any kind of review about the involved establishment. This is done in order to preserve the transparency, objectivity, and non-bias that are a constant in all our analyses. As said before, personal preferences are part of every person and they are impossible to remove completely from an individual. However, all members of pebwallet.com have years of experience and training writing reports and reviews, therefore, everybody knows that neutrality and objectivity is the most important aspect that can be kept in all the content delivered through this portal.

Also, any opinion displayed here can be attributed solely to the person who wrote it. Therefore, they don't necessarily represent the view of pebwallet.com.