Diamond Sky Casino Review 2021

Diamond Sky Casino is a totally different portal when compared to the others that are usually examined here. First of all, it works entirely through Facebook, which means that anyone must have an account in that social network before playing its games and making use of its services. Of course it has many positive aspects. For example, basically players are overwhelmed with bonuses and incentives all the time. Of course in this phrase the word “overwhelmed” is employed in a totally positive note, also, fans of slot machines will fall in love with this place thanks to its simplicity and high chances of winning overall. This review will discuss these and other aspects of Diamond Sky Casino, and hopefully it will convince people whether to join or not the ranks of this platform.

Diamond Sky Casino


300 C$

Payout Speed

2-3 days

  • High-quality, user-friendly interface especially designed for beginners and casual players
  • All transactions are made through the Google, Facebook or Apple payment platforms, which makes these processes extremely easy
  • Bonuses are handed out all the time

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Bonuses handed out by Diamond Sky

As said in the introduction, users of Diamond Sky are used to receiving bonuses all the time, and of course this is something quite positive, as it serves as a good incentive to continue playing. As it happens with many Facebook games, only by making a login into Facebook and entering into this app, players may be rewarded with coins, spins, and other benefits that will help them to have a pleasant gambling time. Of course there is also a sign up bonus, which will be examined in greater detail in the following section.

Virtually every time that someone enters Diamond Sky, they will be shown a wheel of fortune, where some prizes and bonuses could be one only because a member decided to access the platform and play a bit, which is something very good in general.

Diamond Sky’s sign up offer

The sign up offer at Diamond Sky is quite simple: 1 million coins. Of course these coins are totally fictional and work entirely within the casino. However, this doesn’t mean that people can not make good use of them. The portal in general has an interesting variety of mostly slot machines, and newcomers will be able to take this bag of coins to any game of their choice and immediately start playing and eventually winning.

It is not necessary to make any kind of deposit to get this bag of a million gold coins. This also shows a very interesting fact: in general Diamond Sky casino was not really designed thinking in professional and more hardcore casino gamblers, they are focused instead in the most casual fan, that person who wants to try a number of games during some free time and encounters this portal by accident. However, this doesn’t mean that it can also provide some interesting prizes that are translated into real world goods.

Diamond Sky Casino Quality Rewiew

What kind of casino games exist at Diamond Sky?

In general the availability of games where people can play and bet is quite simple and straightforward. Everything offered by this place is centered around slot machines. However, do not expect to encounter any of the big names like the Mega Moolah or Gonzo’s Quest, instead, all games available here have been created by Design Works Gaming, who is also the company that is in charge of designing this entire establishment.

Also, people should know that those who want to play poker tables, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, or any other game that is usually part of a land-based or a virtual casino, will not have any luck at this place, as these games are not offered at Diamond Sky.

In other words, a single developer is in charge of the casino in general and all the games it offers. However, this doesn’t mean that people will not have fun or good prizes after spending some time here. On the contrary, all games are designed in a way to provide lots of hours of harmless fun to all its visitors. In general, Diamond Sky follows a different trend when compared to some other games in the Internet casino industry. Overall, it can be considered as a self-contained portal.

Wagering requirements existing at Diamond Sky

Unfortunately it was not possible to find information about the wagering requirements that Diamond Sky has imposed over all its games. However, this makes a lot of sense, as, for example, the welcome bonus is not another offer that matches a given initial deposit, for this reason, it is difficult to strictly apply the concept of wagering requirement to this place.

However, this doesn’t mean that this couldn’t change later in the future. As it is always said in this portal, it is essential for all people to constantly read and understand the terms and conditions that govern the use of the service, as all these aspects are always described there with all the detail that all players need.

Diamond Sky Casino Quality Review

How well designed is the Diamond Sky interface?

As every other game that works within Facebook, the interface that Diamonds Sky shows is very colourful and engaging. Other portals make the mistake of overwhelming their screens with too many flashing boxes that make the process of actually navigating difficult. However, the people behind this casino have understood that this is never a good idea and have managed to find a nice equilibrium between advertising its main attractions, and allow the user to easily move between all the features that this place has to offer.

The desktop and mobile interfaces are quite similar, this means that as soon as someone has found his way through one of the platforms, he will be able to navigate in the other one without any kind of issue. Of course this applies to computers, the iOS app, and the Android software.

Final conclusions after trying the Diamond Sky services

Diamond Sky is a good option for casual fans who wish to play slot machines in some free time that they may have. It is also possible to obtain some real prizes. However, do not expect to find anything beyond those slot machines. Beyond slots, there is not too much, for example, it is important to mention that customer support is virtually non-existent. In case someone really needs to contact someone at Diamond Sky, their only option is to use a contact form available inside the app. However, it doesn’t really give the sensation that someone will answer to whatever was written.

Diamond Sky Casino Quality Rewiew

As said in the previous section, it would be completely unfair to make a direct comparison between Diamond Sky and other famous casinos of this industry, the main reason for this claim is that Diamond Sky has never pretended to compete in that market in the first place, for this reason, every review about that specific portal should be made with a slightly different set of criteria. Finally, Facebook is a very polarizing subject that makes people basically love it or hate it without much middle ground, for this reason, every reader should determine by themselves if the fact that it is only possible to access Diamond Sky through the social network is something positive or negative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every kind of money transaction made at Diamond Sky is made directly through the payment platforms of Google, Facebook or Apple. In other words, this means that people do not need to enter any kind of card or some other form of payment directly into the app. As soon as someone wishes to enter and review the payment and withdrawal options, they will be immediately directed to the main payment platform of the system that they are using at that moment. Over there the main payment methods that will be encountered are credit cards, such as MasterCard or VISA.

Having those systems in charge of the transactions brings a few advantages. For example, a wide range of currencies is available, including of course the Canadian dollar. Also, deposits are reflected instantly in the account. However, withdrawals will take a bit longer before players can see them in their statements, as they need to go through the usual security protocols that payment systems and banks apply to these movements. Also, for what could be examined at Diamond Sky, there was no minimum deposit.

This is a bit of a tricky subject. In general, Diamond Sky can not be evaluated in the same manner as other large players in the online casino industry would do. In other words, it would be unfair to compare the bonuses, games, licenses, etc, in a face to face basis with other portals. However, when sticking to the licenses and certifications, right now Diamond Sky doesn’t have anything. In other words, do not expect to find the eCOGRA logo, or the one of the Malta Gaming Commission or any other.

Facebook is a platform that doesn’t precisely have a stellar record when it comes to privacy concerns. However, at least in terms of the games that work around it, Facebook never had any major problem in this specific realm, for this reason, the fact that Diamond Sky works exclusively under the Facebook umbrella, can compensate this lack of licenses in a certain manner. For these reasons, people shouldn’t really worry about anything when making use of the services provided by Diamond Sky Casino.

Being part of the Facebook umbrella means for Diamond Sky that it means that it needs to be as accessible as the social network that it works under. For this reason, Diamond Sky has its own stand-alone mobile app available for both Android and iOS systems. Every feature that is encountered from desktop computers can also be utilized from tables and smartphones.

In other words, all people who feel interested to join Diamond Sky can create a new account, and later login and make use of all the services and features that they would encounter in the main website, from the comfort of their tablet or smartphone. Also, it is important to mention that people can access Diamond Sky from the Facebook mobile app, which will redirect people to the casino software (obviously they need to install it in the first place), or directly by opening the program of the company.

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