Best Mobile Casinos 2021

Almost every enthusiast tried playing their favorite online casino games with a smartphone or tablet so far in 2021. Those who haven't done that yet are just bound to test that opportunity in the nearest future. Optimized mobile casino websites and well-designed smartphone apps are much more comfortable to use than online casinos available only with a desktop or laptop PC. Fortunately for modern gamblers, all the top casino operators in Canada and all over the planet do understand contemporary trends saying them to create mobile friendly casinos. As a result, they do everything they can in order to provide every gambler with the best mobile casino experience.

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Here below, you'll find the list of reliable, reputable and safe online casinos offering mobile gambling opportunities. Also, we tried to discuss the advantages and disadvantages that such new sites have compared to the standard and usual desktop gambling.

This will be a long read, so get yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and make sure you've got enough time to think over the key points. In case your time is limited, and you still want to know more on mobile friendly casinos, see the conclusion part of the article at the bottom. There, we've got all the datum you should know to make that serious gambling decision: whether or not to try playing new mobile casinos.

The competition on the market of casino websites is huge. Even the Canadian web segment taken solely will be just crowded with propositions from operators and multiple opportunities to download and play mobile free and real money games. The following list of old and new mobile casinos contains the establishments, that are:

  • Available via smartphones or tablets;
  • Well-optimised to use them «on the go» with iOS or Android devices right after the download;
  • Providing access to a wide set of software by Microgaming, NetEnt and other respected casino developers;
  • Having secure and reliable payment systems and private data protection guarantees;
  • Of course, certified by respected gambling authorities in Canada or abroad.

This list of mobile online casinos is far from being complete and ultimate for Canadian gamblers or enthusiasts from all over the world, of course. However, it will definitely be useful for everyone looking for a worthy mobile online casino operator to try this kind of gambling out or just to switch from a less reputable company.

Okay, enough with words here. Let's proceed with the list of mobile friendly casinos right away.

Mobile Apps And Desktop Online Casinos Differences

As we said already above, times when a gambler had only offline or desktop casinos to pick from while willing to play a bit are long gone. Nowadays, mobile casinos are available literally all over the internet. Mostly, gamblers think that the mobile casino has only advantages over that desktop-oriented «online establishment». Still, what are those pros? And does the mobile casino have disadvantages when compared with desktop-based operators? Let's find out here and now by organizing a short but detailed comparison between mobile apps and desktop casinos.

First of all, a definition of a «mobile casino» should be given for the reader to understand the difference. Two points to consider at this stage are: the online casino types of connection, and the direct comparison of casinos possible to play with the smartphone browser versus those possessing their dedicated iOS or Android apps to provide access to online games for gamblers.

The dedicated app is the specially developed separate piece of software you need to download, install and use on its own to play your real money games in the particular casino. Usually, iOS-based versions should be certified and downloaded through the Apple Store, while products not dedicated to launch them on Apple gadgets (iPhones and iPads).

Casino versions providing access to their games and bet entertainments through the browser are nothing different from those you normally play on a PC or laptop via the installed web browsing program (IE, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and so on). Obviously, not all casino sites are optimised appropriately to use them with mobile gadgets even in 2021, and this is the first sensitive and significant lack that browsers have compared to separately developed applications.

The second point of this short comparison review will be the type of connection that different casinos require and/or support properly. As you surely know by now, modern smartphones, even budget ones, let the user choose between wireless the connection to the web access point (Wi-Fi router), and a mobile internet based on cellphone towers and their signals.

You feel that, don't you? It is literally great and exciting to gamble via the mobile internet from any point of the globe and at any randomly picked time you want to play. But you never know when the signal is going to disappear. The lack of connection stability may become a serious issue spoiling your gambling experience.

Think about that. You've been spinning those slots for a while, expecting to roll the winning combination and finally take that jackpot. Then, the fortune was finally ready to favor you, and the data connection is gone. «503 Bad Gateway». «404 Server Not Found». «Failed to display the page». «Connection terminated». These and many other messages will become your fatal doom bringers when you had that spin caught, but the online casino server couldn't receive that final data package and load the greatest win of your life on your account deposit. What would you do to your smartphone in that case? We bet you'd throw it to the ground and tear it apart. Are we right? Sure we are!

That reason above is probably the main argument against the combination of cellular Internet access and the slot spinning via the web browser. And the argument is really ultimate, isn't it?

However, using the app to play via the mobile Internet access is actually carrying less potential to harm your nerves and property in most cases. That is possible because the well-designed and thoughtfully built app is usually able to cash the player's progress. This means, you'll calmly continue playing while the connection is lost, and then the app uploads the results of your spins to the server right after it receives the web access again.

Using mobile casinos provides you with great timing flexibility to go in for your hobby.

Is there a long queue to the shop cashier? Let's spin some reels in favorite slot game!

A girlfriend is late for a date? Go sit at the virtual table and play a baccarat, roulette or blackjack game. The greatest play of all times may happen at any moment, so it is always better to be prepared for it if you really want to enjoy your gambling hobby and try to win big with it regularly. It has no difference if you prefer slots or poker, blackjack or baccarat, roulette or anything else, having a reliable mobile casino app downloaded and installed on your phone means that you can play your favorite casino games whenever you have time and wherever you are.

Still, good news and perfect features of modern smartphones for gamblers don't come alone. There are particular disadvantages of mobile devices when compared with regular and sometimes considered as «old-school» desktop plays. And these moments can actually make you enjoy your hobby less while playing with a mobile phone.

The most part of modern phones (even the most expensive and powerful models) can't brag with their screens to be big enough to play comfortably. Even the 7-inch phone display (which is quite costly to get nowadays) will not provide you with the same level of comfort you can get from the cheapest laptop or desktop monitor, especially when it comes to displaying table games with their interfaces and multiple critical data pieces you always want to see.

The disadvantage of mobile apps and mobile casinos that many players tend to underestimate is the life of batteries modern smartphones provide. You should know that the batteries are actually the weakest points of contemporary smartphone models, even (and especially) the most expensive and advanced ones.

Taking into account the fact that the best online casinos providing players with worthy apps or comfortable mobile site versions also have the best and the latest casino games, it becomes critical to mention the reason why casino apps are able to take out the charge of your smartphone especially quickly.

The point is in their graphics. Yes, the cool picture of that newly released video slot literally strikes your smartphone's battery and reduces its life so hard that it is just impossible to enjoy it without having a smartphone connected to a socket or a «power bank». It's not cool to get a brick in your pocket instead of the latest smartphone even before dinner due to the will to gamble a bit on a coffee break at the office, is it?

And that's not all. In fact, the choice of games possible to play via mobile casino versions is not the same you get while you log in to the casino account through the use of a desktop PC. Let's proceed to the next point of this comparison. It actually deserves separate attention and discussion.

Mobile Casino Games

So, yes, mobile slots and desktop gambling machine versions are not always the same. Despite the fact that slot machines have usually been remaining among the most wanted, popular and demanded kinds of casino entertainments and games, their variety is what played against them when mobile casinos entered the scene.

Other sorts of slot machines are:

The computing power of desktop computers is not the same that the mobile phone can utilize to show you the latest graphics of the particular great slot. As a result, not all slots can run well on your tablet or smartphone. Still, the best slot games from reliable and top rated casino developers are usually adjusted and optimised to run smoothly on both desktops and mobile devices without significant differences in graphics.

Another benefit of preferring mobile casino games is the fact that many new casinos, their developers and providers tend to focus on that cellphone market exclusively, and offer profitable promotions and tasty bonuses for those players who register as mobile users and prefer using their apps and browser versions regularly. This is the solid factor making even the most retrograde gamblers and really experienced veterans switch to new mobile casinos and play them with a smartphone without willing to come back to a PC.

Mobile casino tournaments and competitions? Of course, a rare table-game-concentrated gambler would refuse to play blackjack or poker with other live players from all over the planet. However, there are many top-rated and really famous competitions still impossible to access them via the mobile device totally, while others provide players with the limited gameplay comfort. Still, the tablet browser versions may look well enough. The only critical recommendation here is about the preferred Internet connection configuration. You better avoid participating in casino competitions and tournaments without having stable access to a reliable Wi-Fi point nearby. Cellphone network signals are too unstable to entrust them the fate of your big tournament win.

To conclude this short and quick comparison, we should admit that the differences between desktop gambling and using mobile casinos are not too significant. Still, both options do have their advantages and disadvantages we tried to mention above in details. It is your call which of two options to choose.

The best recommendation here is to use the strengths of both opportunities whenever possible, especially considering the fact that the most part of modern old and new mobile phone casinos do provide gamblers with unified accounts. This means you can use the same login and password to access the online casino via the mobile phone and the desktop computer. That's sweet!

New Mobile Phone Casinos

As we mentioned above already, there exist many new mobile phone casinos. They choose mobile casino games and the entire concept of mobile phone gambling as the focus point of their business. Consequently, such operators know the needs of their target audience well, and tend to make their experience of mobile gambling as close to perfection as possible.

New mobile phone casinos usually offer:

  • Stable connection because of low network bandwidth requirements;
  • Perfectly designed mobile apps/websites to use them with a smartphone;
  • Great connection and gameplay optimization to make the gambling smooth;
  • Progress cache possibility to make sudden network disconnects negligible;
  • Really great welcome and free spin bonuses, no deposit offers and multiple promotions to involve new players and keep them interested;
  • Equal safety and security measures, protocols and private data protection guarantees;
  • Reliability and fair play controlled by appropriate gambling authorities;
  • No problems with making deposits and initiating withdrawals.

Maybe, some gamblers don't have enough time to read the entire article. We've almost reached 25 hundred words here already. To conclude this improvised comparison between mobile and traditional desktop casinos, and to make it comfortable for the readers limited in time, it will be good to mention the pros and cons of mobile gambling once again.

Short Summary on Mobile vs Desktop Gambling

So, here are the advantages of mobile casinos compared to desktop ones:

  • Great flexibility in time and place for gambling, meaning you can enjoy your hobby and win big whenever you have free minutes regardless of your current location;
  • Most operators work on optimisation of their mobile website versions and casino apps thoroughly to guarantee great usability, smooth gambling and simply perfect experience to every client;
  • The biggest part of most popular table games and video slots is available to play on mobile gadgets with no differences from the desktop gameplay;
  • There exist many new casinos with their operators focusing on mobile gaming exclusively, meaning they push this particular branch of the gambling industry forward by introducing new technological solutions, many of which are game-changers in 2021;
  • The need to involve more players in mobile gambling makes such operators offer really «tasty» promotions and cool bonuses to every new gambler deciding to try mobile gambling with a phone or tablet, so catch the moment;

At the same time, there are particular lacks that can't be solved for mobile casino sites instantly:

  • Even the most mobile-optimised website or app depends on Internet connection stability, which is much more critical when the gambler uses cellphone web connection mainly;
  • Smartphone and tablet displays are unable to provide the level of comfort equal to that of desktop monitors because of their size, which should be just taken «as is», because even the best usability optimisation will not add that vital screen space and appropriate comfort coming along with it;
  • The serious limitations put for mobile gambling originate from the weakest point of modern mobile gadgets, which are their batteries, making gamblers know where the closest electricity socket is or carry high-capacity power banks as obligatory elements of their smartphones;
  • There are multiple casino tournaments or live table game competitions impossible to participate them via mobile devices due to many objective reasons already described;
  • Mobile gambling can still be perceived as something «freaky», especially among the most experienced industry veterans and dedicated desktop casino admirers;
  • Technology limits don't always allow smartphones show the required level of performance or graphics quality in slots and other casino games, especially when speaking of budget and middle-class gadget models that are quite widespread among gamblers in our times;
  • Speaking honestly, many mobile casino apps and website versions still require a lot of improvement in terms of their usability and interface optimisation.

Despite all their possible weaknesses and disadvantages when compared to desktop casinos, new mobile gambling operators are conquering the market rapidly because of the overall comfort they can provide. The technological progress and Internet connection improvement will eliminate the lacks mentioned above sooner or later.

So, should you limit yourself with artificial boundaries and refuse gambling with mobile casinos at all? Of course, you shouldn't. Still, it is critical to be attentive while picking the operator, just like you always are when choosing the regular desktop-oriented website.

Moreover, it is usually important to stay trendy for a gambler. Mobile casinos are, without a doubt, the powerful and leading gambling trend of 2021 and beyond. Check the list of top rated online casinos providing clients with comfortable and stable mobile apps just now, and try them out with no fear!

Mobile casinos are equal to desktop ones in safety, but when done right, they are much better in usability and flexibility. Play comfortably, gamble responsibly, and win big!

Good luck to you, gambler!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, both old and new mobile casinos are mostly safe to gamble there. Still, you should always be attentive and check the particular casino's license, usability and safety guarantees separately before making a deposit.

Yes, there are casinos providing their players with the unified account. The login and password data is also similar in that case. Mobile casino operators care about the comfort of gamblers much, as the perfect usability, interface minimalism, fast play and smoothness are among their main competitive advantages over the desktop-oriented sites.

It depends on the operating system of your mobile gadget. For iOS devices, the app is distributed via the Apple store due to the manufacturer's policies and requirements. Android-based apps can be downloaded and installed directly from the operator's site in most cases.

Of course, you can. Moreover, new mobile casinos do offer really tasty bonuses, free spins and welcoming offers to every newcomer in order to encourage them to change their platform and start gambling with their smartphone or tablet instead of using a desktop PC.