Online Roulette in Canada

Being quite simple casino game, Online Roulette is also very engaging. It is popular in lots of countries, and Canada is among them. Roulette is played using the wheel and a ball. Its table includes various sections and numbers where bets can be placed using chips. Today, people can access this game at an online casino. Since the appearance of the very first online casino in the 1990s, lots of great versions of this game have been designed by gaming software suppliers.

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How to Win Money by Playing Online Roulette

Players want to win money when playing casino games, and Online Roulette is not an exception. When it comes to gambling, one cannot lose all the time nor win every time. Be prepared for the times when luck will not be on your side but don’t get desperate. It is possible to win, but this depends on various factors.

If it is only a single evening dedicated to playing, you may become either the winner or a loser regardless of the effectiveness of your strategies and your fortune. It is wiser to create a plan of your spendings to play this game regularly allowing losses to be covered by winnings gradually. At some point, your income will exceed your expenditures. Determine and distribute your bankroll by day, week, month, etc.

Online Roulette Win Money

Avoid chasing losses and quit the game on time before draining your budget. This will allow winning good money in the long run. Therefore, proper bankroll management is so important. Remember to use various strategies if you are determined to earn money by playing this game.

The Most Popular Types of Roulette

Online Roulette is available in dozens of various versions. Software developers try to add different features, bets, and other elements to traditional variations so that players could look at the gameplay from a different angle.

Anyway, there are three basic types of the game:

  • American;
  • European;
  • French.

The difference between them is in the number of zero sectors on the wheel and some rules. Knowing them will help in picking the right variant.

American variant has two zeros, and due to this, odds are lower. When placing an even/odd bet, a player has 50/50 chances of winning without any zeros. With a single zero like in the European and French variants, the chances to hit either an even or odd sector drop down to 48.6% because of the zero sector. When it comes to the American one, the chances to win on an even/odd wager lower down to 46.37%, since now the ball can fall on either of two zeros rather than a single one like in the other versions.

Popular Types of Roulette

French version is based on the European one but comes with two unique rules. They decrease the risk of losses. The first rule is called “la partage.” It works for outside bets. If you make one, but the ball hits the zero sector, you will get half of the initial wager back instead of losing everything like in the European one. The second rule is referred to as “en prison.” It is linked with the la partage rule. If a player makes an outside bet (it is placed outside of the main field with numbers), and the ball lands on the zero sector, one can either take half of their wager back or take the risk, leaving it for the next round.

Learning Roulette Odds

Roulette table allows placing bets virtually on anything, from a single number to sections. Each type of bet comes with certain odds, which means the chances of the event to occur. For example, the chance to win on a single-number bet in the American variant is 2.63% while it is 15.79% when placing a combination bet consisting of six numbers.

Payouts directly depend on odds. The greater the odds, the lower the payouts, and vice versa. So, what is better — placing bets on higher odds for possible lower payouts or taking the risk and wagering on events with lower odds but greater potential payouts? This depends on player’s strategy, mood, intuition, and bankroll.

Roulette Odds

If a gambler has $100 to play with, one can bet $50 and $50 and two single bets, and either lose everything or win lots of money in seconds. The player can choose to keep it at a high or slow pace. This also depends on luck. Eventually, players want to feel the adrenaline and an increased risk boosts it. However, placing small bets allows playing for a longer time even if you lose. Also, this increases your chances of winning, because you cannot lose forever. So, keep the table with odds in front of your eyes so that you could make the right choice.

Free vs. Real-Money Versions

Players have two main options when it comes to playing this game online — a free version for fun and the version allowing betting and winning real money.

The first one can be found virtual on any gambling website. Some casino operators allow opening the game window without any registration, while the others will require you to become a sign-up player first. To access a free game, no deposit is required. Simply click on the game icon and make bets. While it is an easy and risk-free way to have some fun, it is not that existing as a game for money. Another significant drawback of the fun play mode is that you cannot win anything. You will be using fake credits to place bets.

Free or Real Money Roulette

Real-money gambling is available for registered customers only. They also must make a deposit to have some funds in their account to place bets with. This mode is suitable for those who are ready for winning or losing their own money. Everything here is for real. For a start, you can dedicate a small amount of money and choose bets with greater odds. As you keep gaining more experience, you may pick more risky betting ways.

The Benefits of a Real-Money Mode

There are two main benefits of choosing Roulette games in a real-money mode:

  • more excitement;
  • real chances to win money.

As for the first one, players get really thrilled when playing games for real money. They experience strong emotions in both situations — in the case of winning and losing. Playing for money various Roulette versions is a great way to be entertained and forget about your daily routines.

Benefits Roulette

If you aim at winning credits, then opt for a real-money mode. As you keep practicing and learning various strategies as well as helpful tips and tricks, your chances of earning good money will increase.

Additionally, players can benefit from welcome and other bonuses and earn points.

The Benefits of a Free Version

The most obvious benefit of playing Online Roulette for free is because there is no risk associated with this mode. In simple words, you will enjoy pure fun without any real-money losses even on your unlucky days. No deposit is required, and registration may not be needed. This mode is perfect for beginners and those who wish to experiment with various betting strategies in a risk-free way.


Roulette has always been an exciting game since it was invented during the research conducted on the perpetual motion machine. Since the inception of the online gambling industry, every individual could play Roulette right from home. The availability of different versions allows switching between them depending on a player’s mood and readiness for taking risks.

You should master the traditional versions first so that you could easily understand the rules and features of more advanced variants. The simplicity of the game’s rules makes it suitable for users with no experience. However, there are lots of various bets that you can learn about and try. If you find this game interesting, remember to check out various strategies, which may make your gambling experience not only more profitable but also more engaging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, players can find at least traditional American and European versions, but the availability of variants depends on the gambling venue. It is possible to come across such variants as Mini, Multi-Ball, Multi-Wheel, and others. Check out the Roulette game selection before registering at a casino.

There are many reasons to opt for this Roulette version. If you like playing it from time to time, why don’t you make the process even more engaging? Take advantage of a chance of winning money? Eventually, it is up to you how much money you can afford to lose so this will be the amount of money that you can take the risk with.

Everything is straightforward. You will need to register on the website of a gambling venue (if required) and pick the game version. Then you need to place your bet on the Roulette table depending on the type of your wager. Spin the wheel to determine the outcome of the round. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the roulette table and possible types of bets, including outside and inside ones.

When playing a free version of Roulette, you take no risks. However, it is recommended to play this game at properly licensed gambling venues powered by reputable software providers, such as Microgaming, BetSoft, NetEnt, and others.

Such games work in the very same way as real-money variants. The only difference is that you will use fake credits for making bets, and you will earn nothing even if you win. Simply enter a gambling website, click on the game icon, and start making bets.