Free Online Slots

Today, slots are the most famous casino game. The basic rules of this game have not changed since 1899, when Charles Fay assembled the first slot machine. A player bets and spins a set of reels with symbols. Each of these rollers randomly stops in one position. The player wins if the reels stop in order to compose a line of identical symbols. The rarer the winning symbols, the higher the winning amount. The amount of the win for each winning combination is outlined in a paytable.

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Best Online Slots in Canada

Today the randomness of mechanically stopped reels has been replaced by numbers generated randomly by a computer, but the principles remain the same. These principles of randomness are adhered to by all licensed gaming providers. The randomness of slots has several very interesting consequences, and it is important that every savvy slot player understands them.

The ratings of the best slots machines are determined by their popularity among the users which, in its turn, depends on many factors: the percentage of payouts, welcome bonus for new members, bonus rounds, the possibility of using a free demo mode, the presence of jackpots, usability of the interface, graphics and sound, transparency of rules, stability of the software, and others. Here below is a short list of the top popular among the users slot machines in Canada and their RTP (return to player):

This list is not exhaustive and constantly changing with due to the modulation of players’ preferences and gaming software updates.

How to Play Free Slot Machines

Most online slots still use the reels to represent the result of each spin. Despite the reels being emitted by a computer, the game's hidden math still has 3 to 5 sets of symbols stopping on the virtual reels in random positions. Modern online slots have so many new features that would be impossible with mechanical reels.

Slot games can include traditional symbols borrowed from playing cards: A, K, Q, J, 9 and 10 and symbols with appearances based on the central theme of the game: the fun is also in discovering which are the main elements of the chosen slot and identify with the proposed adventures. There are also some special symbols, which unlock additional game features or entitle you to a higher prize pool: these are the scatter, wild and multiplier symbols.

There is one thing that all correct slot games have in common: the outcome of each round is based solely on a random number defined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). The random number "tells" the reels when to stop and then decrees the outcome of the game. The higher your bets, the higher (usually) the RTP of your betting system. Modern RNGs used in quality casinos are dedicated hardware devices that generate random numbers from electromagnetic noise. The RNG hardware generates thousands of random numbers every second. So, on the one hand, if you press the start button a second later, you change the outcome of the next round. However, on the other hand, you have no way of predicting whether the result will be lucky for you or not. So, the correct randomness persists.

Now you are wondering: if slots are not manipulated, how do casinos make money? The answer is simple: slot games are designed to pay less than players wager in the long run. The math of a slot game is determined by:

  • set of symbols on virtual reels
  • amount of winnings in the paytable
  • rules and slots with best odds of all bonus features
  • settings of all bonus features

The math of the game, combined with completely random numbers, gives the casino a long-term advantage over the players.

We believe that the right formula to consider the quality slot machine and then create a personal list of the best slots is the combination of a series of elements such as:

  • game mechanism, circumscribed by the special functions made available that will make the level of playability;
  • payout percentage of the game dictated by RTP, RNG and volatility of the slot, as determining elements that condition the level and rhythm of remuneration;
  • game theme, which gives the whole mechanism a higher level of involvement as well as originality;
  • audio-graphic rendering, which distinguishes the visual and emotional experience from many others, through the fluid flow and user-friendly interface.

Withdrawing and depositing money methods vary from casino to casino. Each operator, in general, has specific conditions related to minimum deposits and withdrawals, as well as any fees related to the transaction. The best online casinos, however, tend to eliminate the costs associated with withdrawals, offering more freedom of action to customers. But there is also another aspect that should not be underestimated, namely the deposit and withdrawal times. Generally, PayPal transactions are instant, while bank transfer payments take several days to process.

Most Popular Slot Machine & Games for Wins

Online slots are so numerous that it's impossible to rank all of the models. One of the key aspects to consider when playing them is the payout percentage of an individual machine, also called the payout. The top payout percentages become tempting when the payout exceeds 95%. Each slot machine, as already mentioned, is in fact programmed to return a certain amount of the proceeds made. If 100$ are then spent on a machine that has a 90% payout, gains worth 90$ are statistically supposed to be returned to the player. You will therefore understand that there is a certain difference between a game with a payout of 90% and one with a payout of 96%. It is therefore advisable to choose a machine that guarantees a percentage equal to 95% or higher, so as to have greater chances of winning.

Also, online slots with jackpots are very popular with players as they feature a high value prize pool. This progressively accumulated sum is usually displayed on the jackpot machine main page, whether progressive or not. Based on this aspect, some players try to periodically monitor the amount indicated by this type of slot: when a very high jackpot is displayed, the idea of trying the fortune can be considered, since the winning could happen at any moment.

Types of Casino Slot Games

Among the most popular kinds of slots - in Canada as well as abroad - is the one with a progressive jackpot. This particular category of virtual machines provides jackpots with astounding and constantly increasing numbers, since the bets of all the players contribute to enrich it. If the prospects of a large award for you are equally important to the technical and stylistic qualities of the product you are playing, then you will certainly find a great affinity with these items. The amounts of these jackpots can be really astonishing and life-changing. The most massive jackpot pool belongs to Mega Moolah slot, which holds a Guinness record for the biggest jackpot ever hit of $20,062,600.

Other sorts of slot machines are:

  • fruit machines, the first slots whose name recalled the symbols of the reels;
  • classic slot machines, simple machines with one or more paylines;
  • video slot machines, which include "Wild" (jolly) and "Scatter" symbols, thanks to which it is possible to access bonus games;
  • the latest generation 3D slot machines equipped with ever more accurate software.

There exist mobile apps for separate games or of a platform in whole, or customers may play them directly from the desktop site or web app with no download from any device (PC, smartphone, iPhone or tablet). All slots have the same basic rules and may differ only in the number of the paylines, whether the lines are fixed or a gambler can select the number of lines to play online with, theme and, therefore, symbols images and payouts for their combinations, size of coins and the bet limits (min/ max, per line, per spin), the amount of the extras triggered by the special symbols (scatter, wild, multiplier), and the presence of a jackpot.

Online Casino Slots vs Traditional Slots

To operate traditional or land-based slot machines it is necessary to insert a single token inside the machine. Today there are many other payment methods that you have available to play with slot machines, but if you want to experience the thrill of the vintage game as it once was, do not miss trying your luck with a land-based slot machine. Mind, that they usually have lower RTP than the online ones (80% — 86%). In the physical casinos a group of the machines may contribute to and generate a jackpot. From a comfort and convenience standpoint, online gaming definitely wins. Furthermore, its soft is constantly updated and easier to control for the authorities.

Legal Free Slots

There are hundreds of free licenced video slots on the Internet, easily accessible without using real money. They are usually referred to as demo slots, to evidence the free nature of the product. The free online slot games provide the possibility to try the software using virtual credits, just for fun with no registration. In other words, you don't have to spend a single dollar to play free slots.

The functions of the gratuitous slot machines remain unchanged, so symbols and special features, free spins and multipliers are operational as always. Free online slots therefore represent an opportunity for entertainment, without obligation. These also allow you to become familiar with the game mechanics: the credit available in the demo mode substitutes actual money. The free slot games are numerous, from Starburst and Megah Moolah to Book of Ra and Lara Croft: the majority of reputable casinos offer users a demo/fun version of the software, accessible even with no deposit and sign up. To play free casino slots just go to all slots casino section. Click the demo mode to start playing gratis with the virtual credit made available by the software, evading losing real cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

The legitimacy is established not on a slot or a game itself, but by the presence of the gambling license with the provider (casino). The most important information on the license is: the name and address of the operator, the logo and name of the regulatory body, the valid license number. In the event that one of these elements is not present or does not coincide with the information on the licensing authority's website, you could be facing a fraudulent operator!

It is conventional for an online slot to have a demo or fun-mode version provided by the platform, so players could test it for free. But there exist slots which do not have gratis version, so they require to charge your deposit before playing them.

A free version and real money version of an online slot game works from the same central server, so the math of the game remains the same and the random numbers guarantee impartiality, whether you use the fun mode, autoplay function, the lever or the spin button.

As already stated, we recommend you always to consider that a slot is a game of randomly generated numbers. Your win (or loss) in each round depends solely on your luck. The outcome is not affected by your previous winnings / losses, nor by anything predictable. There is only you and the electromagnetic noise in the RNG: pure and simple gambling.

In general, traditional slots are more lucrative than ones with a progressive jackpot, but it is also true that winning the jackpot of a progressive pool slot machine could signify seeing your life completely change in fractions of a second, given the size of this type of award. The higher your bets, the higher (ordinarily) the RTP of your betting system. But, the best final judgment is one that follows your individual tastes!